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Senegence has developed highly advanced anti-ageing skin care systems with proprietary formulations that are scientifically proven to work on 100% of those individuals who use the products as directed. SeneDerm SkinCare Systes gently cleanses, moisturisers and protects skin with the proprietary SenePlex Complex, and patented long-lasting colour technology in SenseCosmetics.

SeneGence offers a complete line of patented and proprietary products including:

LipSense® – Colour Like No Other!

LipSense is the premier product of SeneGence and is unlike any conventional lipstick, stain or colour. As the original long-lasting lip colour, it is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off! Create your own colour palette by combining colours from over 50 beautiful shades.

SeneDerm® Anti-Ageing SkinCare & Body Care

SeneGence offers a revolutionary line of skin care products.

Based on the SenePlex Complex® anti-ageing and product technologies in a systemized product group that provides a balanced skin care base and enhances the long-lasting effects of SenseCosmetics®.

SeneDerm Solutions ™ Treatments

A line of specialized treatment products that serve as effective “Solutions” for targeted skin needs. Our SeneGence® scientists create formulations made of proprietary ingredients that are supported with independent laboratory clinical results as it applies to the specific targeted area of usage.


SenseCosmetics® with SenePlex® Complex includes a full range of colour shades that work to make skin on the surface of your face more beautiful. The SenseCosmetics® colour line is a unique combination of essential properties of our patented long-lasting colour technology blended with our Anti-Ageing SkinCare formulations.

Discover SenePlex Complex® Our Patented Secret Ingredient to Faster Skin Renewal!

SenePlex complex is a unique combination of ingredients that, when used properly, accelerate cellular renewal. One if it’s main ingredients is a kinetic enzyme that creates energy. That energy acts as a catalyst and helps speed up the natural process of how our cells reproduce without actually changing the process itself. This turns a process of about 28 days into a process that takes 21.

The ingredients also allow for penetration and delivery into the second layer of skin — and as we found out earlier, that’s the more important one! It’s kinda like we’re building a better foundation from the inside out. AND! Because of this kinetic enzyme (and our skin now being able to regenerate it’s skin cells faster), all of the natural benefits from the other ingredients are also getting a kick in the butt to start working a little faster and harder.

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