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Hi there I’m Ellie, founder of Elegant Beauty and Independent Senegence Consultant.
I’m very happily married for almost 31 years, and my husband is very supportive- he even comes and helps me with my markets.

I have three grown children, Chris, Leah and Katie and five grandchildren, Ella, Tyler, Scarlett, Noah and Kaylee.

Back in 2016 a friend of mine introduced me to this company and I immediately LOVED the products! Shortly after I attended our huge annual Seminar and came back full of enthusiasm. She didn’t ask me to join, I asked her ‘where do I sign?’ Haha.

I joined in April 2016 and I hit my own personal targets for the next three months. AND the company gave me free products! What’s not to love?

My daughter Katie has since joined the company also as she can see the benefits of being able to stay home with her kids and still make money – so it’s turned in to somewhat of a family affair!

I also have a part-time day job, I’m a Medical Typist for a Radiology company, and I love it. It feeds my brain. My Senegence business feeds my soul and my pocket! Lol

The things I love most about our products are they do what they say on the tin! Our lipstick lasts- for me over 18 hours. Our makeup – Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturiser, Foundation, concealers, AMAZING eyeshadows, and divine mascaras, they all don’t budge. The skincare is so beautiful and my skin feels so nice.

On top of all that, we are vegan friendly and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 12 months or to the bottom of the bottle.

I don’t know of any shops or chemists that sell makeup or skincare that will allow you to return or replace something you have used, but discovered it is the wrong colour for you. We do!

My customers tell me they adore the fact the LipSense lasts and they can party all night only reapplying the gloss.

I’m finding more customers are also trialling and then loving the Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturiser and Foundations. Our foundations will alter three shades up and three shades down so it is easy to colour match.

I love meeting lots of people from a wide range of nationalities and introducing them to the awesomeness of our products and this company. It’s a fantastic company for women, and we have also got men becoming distributors and giving up their day jobs!

Like most things, the more effort you put in, the more the rewards!

If you struggle to find the right makeup to suit you or you’d like to try our remarkable skincare range – get in touch, we are here to help!

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